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Enterprises with nearly sixty-year history, such as the Vitebsk center of grain production, founded in 1953, are quite rare in the Vitebsk region. But of course, they are not as ancient as the milling craft that appeared immediately after people discovered the true value of grains. It is woven into the history of humanity, from mysterious wedges of Sumerian scripts to the Egyptian papyrus and the first Chinese poems. Everywhere and at all times the flour millers were treated with deserved respect and sometimes were even considered as magicians!

Age of new technologies brought technological automation and algorithmic processes, and the bread products industry wasn’t left aside. But the magic remains. Like thousands of years ago, an amazing transformation takes place here. The endless fields turn into different of types of flour and grain products, neatly packaged in crispy paper bags, and each of them contains a particle of the ancient sun that gives life to everything in this world.

Today, Vitebsk center of grain production, converted into a public company in 1996, is a full-range complex infrastructure. It consists of 240 tons/day flour mill; 550 tons/day loose feed mill, 524 tons/day pelleted feed mill; their own 24.000 tons elevator; warehouses and modern technical laboratory; power plant and boiler station; machine repair shop; branch of the “Luchesa” pig-breeding complex; motor transport facility, and a network of brand stores.

Various bread flours, groats, and animal feed, as well as seeds, are produced and retailed under the “Zhitnitsa” brand that belongs to the Vitebsk center of grain production. This huge industrial machine runs smoothly like clockwork thanks to the quality management of European level.

The story is changing, becoming our modern reality, but the Vitebsk production quality remains traditionally top-grade to deliver the best products to our partners and customers. We always aim to exceed your expectations in everything we produce!

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